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Understanding differently, and welcome to Think Well !

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Hey there and welcome to Think Well Psychotherapy blog, each week one of our staff will write a post to support you in your mental health journey. Today lets hear from our founder Pearl Brock, Pearl lectures internationally and teaches the science of counselling and psychotherapy. She has worked in the field for over 20 years and founded Think Well in May 2023.

Crikey, what a whirlwind the past month has been, in fact it really has been what I imagine a lot of people are feeling with exams, end of school, summer holidays and the freedom from Covid which brought us all so much stress and isolation. Starting up this Clinic has been a dream of mine, to provide a Centre of Excellence for mental health care which is assessable, professional and a place where the staff look forward to coming to work and the clients feel safe and cared for. I think we have done just that.
Part of my ethos, the way I am, is that I believe that if we understand differently we can be different in how we approach mental health, which is to understand that we are ALL different in our mental health. This is partly why we have an array of therapists at Think Well who work differently, there is someone for everyone.
I am excited to start th

is new chapter in the area of mental healthcare provision for the town of Mullingar and surrounding areas.

Myself and my colleagues, strongly believe in the healing power of the talking cure of counselling and psychotherapy and look forward to sharing with you here our thoughts on the world of mental health and all things *thinky*, lets start thinking better at Think Well !!

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1 Kommentar

13. Nov. 2023

Well done to Pearl and the team for bringing this very important service to Mullingar 👏🏼

Gefällt mir
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